Routine Replacement

Routine Replacement

Routine Replacement Process Software

BUDGET helps healthcare facilities and health systems streamline the healthcare equipment request process with a single, cloud-based point of entry for all annual capital equipment requests.

Purchasing replacement equipment is a collaborative process – from the point that a physician requests a piece of equipment, through the multi-tiered approval process. Users from multiple facilities can submit requests, navigate the approval process, and get visibility systemwide.

Collaboration in a Single Routine Replacement Platform

By providing sophisticated workflow management tools to accommodate both simple and complex processes, BUDGET gives users across multiple facilities the ability to submit requests via a standardized format. Included as standard features are capital spend aggregation dashboards, unsurpassed budget price guidelines, and detailed product decision support tools.

Industry Leading Product Catalog

The Attainia BUDGET application is founded on the industry leading catalog for healthcare capital equipment. Using the catalog, requests can be submitted using one of the 4,500 standardized categories & 2,400 industry suppliers, making it easier to track and aggregate requests across a single organization with one or multiple facilities.

Attaining Calm Waters with Capital Equipment Standards

White Paper Summary

In addition to the ongoing trend of hospital mergers and acquisitions, hospitals continue to face pressure to decrease costs.  Learn the six benefits of standardizing your capital equipment and how it can increase efficiency.

What Our Customers Are Saying

University of Colorado

Manager of Equipment Planning

Attainia’s database allows us to keep a record of the projects a lot easier than a spreadsheet, which can lose information with a single wrong keystroke.

Stanford Healthcare

Planning Design & Construction

Attainia helps you build a project, keep track of what we need, what decisions were made, and which have not been made, and for every decision there is a piece of equipment that needs to be ordered.

Memorial Hermann Health Systems

System Executive Supply Chain Services

Attainia’s capital equipment budgeting software has helped Memorial Hermann Healthcare System’s progress towards building the most efficient supply chain of any major health system.